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Methods of teaching history , UDC: 930.1 DOI: 10.25688/20-76-9105.2023.52.4.12


  • Kosichenko Anatoly G. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor


History and its interpretations in the interests of various geopolitical, social or religious groups are becoming an effective factor in the struggle for ideological and spiritual domination in the modern world. Therefore, interpretations of the past, present and even possible future are being resorted to very actively today. All the more important is the task of “objectification” of history, which puts a limit to historical speculation in the interests of destructive forces. One of the possible directions of adequate comprehension of history, in our opinion, is the historiosophical approach to revealing the essence of the processes studied by history. Historiosophy makes it possible to reasonably combine events into groups that are close in their content and essence, not only close in time, but also retrospectively. Insisting on the fullest possible objectivity of the historiosophical approach, it is necessary to give place to creative intuition, without which it is impossible to “break through” to the concept, foundation, ideological and ideological foundations of historiosophy. Like any generalized view, historiosophy also loses something from the concrete variety of historical phenomena; so the historiosophical approach is not without drawbacks, which, in particular, include a certain subjectivity in choosing the ideological basis, the concept of the historiosophical approach. However, these shortcomings of the historiosophical approach are more than compensated by the fact that historiosophy makes it possible to create an integral system of historical knowledge, and integrity is an indispensable quality in the struggle for the right of a country to have its own system of values, ideas and spiritual foundations of society on which the national interests of the state are based; and history plays a leading role here.

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Kosichenko, A. G. (2023). HISTORIOSOPHY IN THE STRUGGLE FOR IDEOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL DOMINATION IN THE MODERN WORLD Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2023, №4 (52), 140. https://doi.org/10.25688/20-76-9105.2023.52.4.12
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