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Peer Review

Instructions for Contributors

The Editor welcomes thematic studies oriented towards the journal subject categories.

The journal publishes manuscripts on the condition that they are distinguished by novelty, theoretical and practical value, and comply with the principles of academism, scientific objectivity, and historiographical completeness. Polemical works are welcome.

A manuscript can be prepared in co-authorship. The number of authors of one manuscript is no more than three or four.

For publishing a manuscript, the author submits to the Editorial Board:

  • information about the author(s) both in Russian and English – surname, first name, patronymic, academic degree, scientific title (if any), ORCID, affiliation;
  • the manuscript;
  • if the author does not have an academic degree – the manuscript review.

Submitting a manuscript, the author guarantees that:

  • the submitted materials are original, have not been published before and currently are not under consideration for publication in any other journal;
  • when preparing the materials, the rights of third parties were not violated and there is no incorrect borrowing;

The author is informed about the acceptance of the manuscript for consideration within 10 working days after receiving the materials.

If a manuscript is submitted for publication with co-author(s), the Editorial Board provides feedback on the publication with the author listed first.

The author should finish the manuscript in accordance with the referees’ recommendations within 2 months after receiving them. The author is permitted to resubmit the revised manuscript only once. If there are additional referees’ comments on the manuscript or if the resubmission terms are violated, the manuscript is rejected. 

Questions related to manuscript publication are sent to: vestnik_hist@mgpu.ru.

Peer Review

All manuscripts submitted are reviewed by acknowledged referees, whose expertise area is relevant to that of the manuscript subject.
They have publications on the subject issued over the last three years.

Peer reviewing is free of charge double blind, based on initial editor screening and anonymous referees’ reports.  

Authors who do not have an academic degree (except for the case when the co-author is a person with an academic degree), must submit both a manuscript and its review to the Editorial Board. After the manuscript has been accepted for consideration, the materials submitted undergo the review procedure described above.

Peer reviewing and making a decision on publication do not exceed 3 months after accepting the materials for consideration.

The result of peer reviewing can be:

  • recommend the manuscript for publication;
  • recommend the manuscript for publication only on condition that the contributor will consider the referee’s comments;
  • reject the manuscript with the decision justification.