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Publication ethics

Ethical Guidelines for Editors

The Editorial Board of the journal “Vestnik Moskovskogo Gorodskogo Pedagogicheskogo Universiteta”. Seriya ‘Istoricheskiye Nauki’” follows modern legal requirements governing this type of activity, and ethical principles recognized by the world community of scientific periodicals publishers, namely:

  • abidance by copyright law and confidentiality in working with the manuscripts submitted;
  • impermissibility of plagiarism and defamation;
  • objectivity at the stage of manuscript preliminary assessment;
  • upholding the highest standards of the materials published;
  • encouraging opinion diversity.

Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers

Expert assessment of the materials submitted to the Editorial Board is carried out by referees who are recognized specialists in the reviewed subject areas. They have recent publications on the relevant topic over the last 3 years.

A peer reviewer provides an academic, objective and unbiased assessment of the manuscript.

The information from the manuscript submitted is regarded as a confidential document, which cannot be transferred to third parties.

A peer reviewer must refuse to assess the manuscript in the following cases:

  • the research subject lies beyond the reviewer’s academic interests;
  • there are some reasons preventing the reviewer from following the deadline.

A reviewer should immediately inform the Editor of plagiarism and any other illegal borrowings.

Ethical Guidelines for Authors

         An author submitting a manuscript to “MCU Journal of Historical Studies” shall meet the following standards:

  • the manuscript submitted for publication is not under consideration in other journals;
  •  the text submitted is original and its parts have not been published in other journals (either printed or digital) in the volume exceeding 30%;
  • all contributors to the research are listed as co-authors;
  • non-contributors to the research are not listed as co-authors;
  • the manuscript does not contain any illegal borrowings, the materials used are acknowledged in compliance with the current copyright legislation;
  • all borrowed statements, documents and other data underlying the research, are referenced correctly, scientific integrity being paramount in selecting factual material;
  • the manuscript does not contain obscene words, extremism, the information revealing a state secret or having a legally restricted access.

If an author discovers an error in the manuscript submitted, they should immediately inform the Editorial Board of it.