Home Releases 2023, №2 (50)


History of Russia: from ancient times to 1917 , UDC: 94 DOI: 10.25688/20-76-9105.2023.50.2.05


  • Malysheva Olga Geraldovna Ph.D., professor
  • Garkavy Igor V.


Fedor Aleksandrovich Golovin is an outstanding political figure, a member of the Cadets Party, Chairman of the Second State Duma of the Russian Empire. The article reconstructs the most important events in the political biography of F. A. Golovin, starting from his work as a zemstvo vowel and ending with his last arrest and execution in 1937. Particular attention is paid to his participation in the activities of the constitutional democratic party and work in the State Duma as its chairman. The political views of F. A. Golovin are also considered.

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Malysheva, O. G. & Garkavy, I. V. (2023). THE FATE OF THE RUSSIAN POLITICIAN: FEDOR ALEKSANDROVICH GOLOVIN (1867/68–1937) Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2023, №2 (50), 65. https://doi.org/10.25688/20-76-9105.2023.50.2.05
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