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History of Russia: from ancient times to 1917 , UDC: 94(47) «17/1917» DOI: 10.25688/20-76-9105.2022.45.1.03


  • Ershova Tamara Vitalyevna Ph.D., professor
  • Sedov Sergey V.


The article is devoted to an actual, but insufficiently studied problem in Russian historiography. The measures that were carried out by the tsarist government during the First World War to mobilize the textile industry were analyzed. The following tasks are considered: distribution of military orders to supply the army; equipping of enterprises working for the needs of the army with raw materials and labor; the evacuation of factories from the front-line zone and the issuance of loans to them to establish production at the new site; control of prices for scarce raw materials, semi-finished and military products. The article pays attention to the activities of the Special Meeting on National Defense — a key state body in the field of industrial mobilization, created in the summer of 1915, as well as the Main directorate of intendancy — the structure that was responsible for the supply of goods to the army, including textiles. The article also addresses the issue of attracting public organizations to the supply of the army — Zemgor and the Central War Industry Committee, which made, although not so large scale, but still a significant contribution to the common cause of providing the army with certain types of textile products. The final conclusions assess the activities carried out. It was noted that thanks to the above actions, it was possible to militarize textile production, but the late nature of mobilization allowed this to be done only by 1916. The scientific novelty lies in the deepening of historical knowledge on this issue, as well as in the coverage of the topic, based on archival sources from the records of the Special Meeting on National Defense, a significant part of which is put into scientific literature for the first time.

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Ershova, T. V. & Sedov, S. V. (2022). GOVERNMENT MEASURES TO MOBILIZE THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY IN RUSSIA DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2022, №1 (45), 37. https://doi.org/10.25688/20-76-9105.2022.45.1.03
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